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Supermarket Solution 

Stylish design with no compromise on performance to suit your retail needs.



The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the retail industry with interconnected digital devices. This digitalization's enhancement on security and customer journey has made retailers prefer IoT over traditional solutions. From making payments, searching for goods, and shopping, customers now want their purchases to be entire experiences. As a result, an increasing number of traditional retail stores have evolved into intelligent stores, which help collect data about customers' tastes and preferences in real-time and analyze user behaviors for future reference when making any strategies.


Main Challenges

  • Intuitive multi-touch experience

    The POS terminals will need to be engineered with P-CAP multi-touch technology to allow any individual to operate the interactive HMIs with ease.

  • Combination of aesthetics, performance and ruggedness

    Apart from the functions and extensibilities a kiosk can cope with, the aesthetics plays a significant role in encouraging user interaction. The aesthetic impression influences a passerby’s decision of whether to engage or not. Meanwhile, the devices will be installed either indoor or outdoor, subject to often shock, vibration and water splits, meaning the HMIs should be rugged enough to keep working 24/7. Creating a device combining a stylish look, high performance and excellent durability is essential especially in retail industry.

  • Various data collection methods

    The HMI should ship with plentiful I/O interfaces to help conquer the challenge of adding to the kiosks multiple external devices such as camera, printer, and more. On the other hand, configurable data collection methods including built-in Barcode Scanner, RFID/ NFC reader, and MSR/ Smart Card Reader help improve the efficiency of data capturing for POS and payment applications in retail stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

    Why Litemax

    • Slim, edge-to-edge design with an elegant look
    • Ruggedness tested to fulfill Defence standard for drop, vibration and shock resistance, and is IP65 rated for water and dust protection.
    • High extendibility for versatile data collection methods


    32” Electronic Paper Display
    • Resolution 1920x1080
    • Aspect Ratio 16:9
    • Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.363(H) x 0.363(V)


    42.1" Resizing LCD, 800 nits LED backlight,MaxRGB, 1900x2160
    • 42.1" resizing LCD
    • Resizing display  (aspect ratio of 8 : 9)
    • Sunlight readable, high brightness (800 nits)
    • Resolutions: 1900 x 2160
    • MaxRGB (NTSC 91%)
    • Wide view angle of 178° (H), 178° (V)
    • BL MTBF: 100,000 hours


    48.5” TFT LCD, 3000 nits LED Backlight , 1920x360 ultra-wide aspect ratio 16:3
    • 48.5” Stretched LCD
    •  Ultra-Wide Screen (16 : 3)
    •  High Brightness 3000 nits
    •  LED Backlight
    •  LCD blacking defect free (Hi-Tni 110 ˚C)
    •  Low Power Consumption
    •  BL MTBF: 100,000 hours


    44.8" Resizing LCD, 500 nits LED backlight, 1920 x 538 ultra wide aspect ratio 16: 4
    • Slim type back to back (T=14mm)
    • Resizing LCD
    • Ultra Wide Screen (16: 4.4)
    • High Brightness 500 nits
    • LED Backlight
    • Slim BezelBL MTBF: 100,000 hours
    • Low Power Consumption


    25.3” Electronic Paper Display
    • Reflective ePaper display
    • Full color 30K
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • High Resolution 1800 x 3200
    • Sunlight readable
    • Build in powerful processor
    • Protection cover glass


    28” Electronic Paper Display
    • Reflective ePaper display
    • Full color 30K
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • High Resolution 3840 x 1080
    • Sunlight readable
    • Build in powerful processor
    • Protection cover glass
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