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【The Most Grand AI Exhibition of the Year】DIGITIMES AI EXPO-4/19-21The Annual Grand AI Expo, focusing on computing power, data algorithms, edge intelligence, and green sustainability, will be held at Huashan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei.

DIGITIMES AI The expo offers you a comprehensive view of the new landscape of digital transformation.Artificial intelligence technology is experiencing explosive growth. Did you catch up?


AI EXPO Taiwan 2023 is indeed a large-scale professional exhibition in the field of artificial intelligence. With over 5,000 registered participants, it demonstrates a high level of attention and enthusiasm for AI-related technologies and applications. Such a large-scale exhibition provides a rare opportunity for exhibitors and attendees to exchange ideas, share the latest AI technologies and industry trends, and establish cooperative relationships. Furthermore, such exhibitions contribute to the development of the AI industry by promoting technological innovation and commercial applications, as well as driving the adoption and promotion of AI in various industries. We hope that AI EXPO Taiwan 2023 will continue to provide a beneficial platform for communication and cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.


First, let's take a look at how to combine the ChatGPT database with virtual characters. ChatGPT is a natural language processing model that can understand and generate natural language text. Virtual characters, on the other hand, are artificially intelligent entities controlled by computer programs that can interact with humans.


Combining the ChatGPT database with virtual characters can create a dialogue system that can automatically understand and answer people's questions. For example, a customer service system based on the ChatGPT database and virtual characters can automatically answer customer questions, solve customer concerns, and save manpower and time.


Several factors need to be considered when creating such a system. First, a dialogue process needs to be designed that can pass the user's question to the ChatGPT database for understanding and answering. Second, a virtual character needs to be designed that can interact with the user, such as asking supplementary questions or providing feedback. Finally, a technical architecture needs to be developed that can combine the ChatGPT database with virtual characters to achieve system automation.



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