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Sunlight Readable displays is a core competence of Litemax since the company’s inception. Most displays offered from Litemax include at least a 1,000-nit backlight. Litemax proprietary backlight design, internal heat sinking of the LED junction allows their engineering teams to develop a bright backlight while minimizing over all power and internal heat. This is important for displays used outdoors as brightness is one concern, so is heat built up due to thermal loading caused by the sun. Custom backlights can be developed upon request to even higher brightness of 2,000, 2,500 or even 3,000 nits. The high brightness ensures perfect visual readability under any lighting condition. Below is a table that outlines a brightness that would be suitable based on the environment and application. 

Digital Signage Display


4906 L

49” TFT LCD, 1200 nits LED backlight, UHD(3840x2160)
The 4906-L is a 49 inch industrial grade sunlight readable LCD, with high brightness 1200 nits, it produce sharp images, crisp text and lifelike colors. The Durapixel LED backlight technology ensures high reliability and low power consumption, suitable for outdoor application, kiosk, factory automation, military, transportation and gaming application.


Digital Art Canvas


As technology grows, 4K HD Display can bring you high-quality life in static art paintings, photographs, and gaming applications. The Art Canvas is suitable for indoor application, such as galleries, museums, and hotel lobbies, on the other hand, 4906 L Digital Signage Display work efficiently in outdoor applications, like transportation, kiosk, factory automation, military and gaming application.



Customized displays and the advancement of display technologies that follow have changed gaming experiences around the world – higher brightness, stronger color enhancements, more user intuitive, more dynamic interactions and so much more.

From topper to the main display, botton deck to gamer interface, Litemax plays a significant role in shaping that gaming experience. 

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